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Recommended: Mukai Taichi

Mukai Taichi is a singer, songwriter, and a professional model from Fukuoka, Japan. His first debut is in 2016 when he published his first album “24”. One of my favourite songs from this album is “Slow Down”, which is also the very first song I’ve enjoyed from him.

His main genres R&B and ambient. In his next two albums he continues to put a great focus on creating relaxing ambient sound effect in the background while keeping a light-weight vocal.

Besides his ambient background effect, his lyric is rather unique comparing to other ambient music. The words are well-crafted in terms of emotional flow, which helps listeners vibe with the music while creating an introspective conversation with them.

I’ve never paid too much attention to lyrics when I listen to ambient music, but some of his lyrics are fascinating to me. The words he crafted are very introspective. They are not telling you a story or have some background knowledge or deep meaning behind it, but still make you think about existential questions about your life, friends, and purpose of what you are doing. It’s a very magical feeling.

In his 4th album, he fused his songs with a layer of night mode, especially in “PM 8:00”. It’d better be listened in the evening, alone in your room with lights turned off.

One of his later creation, “Supplement”, has further created a mixture of R&B, ambient, and pop.

In his newer albums, he gradually shifts a tone from ambient and R&B to pop and alternative. The songs are still of high quality, but I still prefer his earlier creations.

Besides those listed here, he has collaborations with other artists and many more songs created by himself.

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