Imperial Past Exam Papers & Solutions

This place only includes the solution that I’ve composed. For the full list of answer keys, please ask your year rep for access.

Please notice that those solutions DOES NOT guarantee correctness. They are meant to be only a reference, so take a grain of salt when you use them!

First Year

Course Name202020192018
Computer Systemexam keyexam keyexam key
Computer Architectureexam keyexam keyexam key
Databaseexam keyexam key
Logicexam key
Program Reasoningexam keyexam key
Discrete Mathexam key
Mathematical Method Iexam key
Graph and Algorithm Iexam key
All solutions are created by Tom Zhao
2017 Computer Systemexam key
2017 Program Reasoningexam key
2016 Computer Systemexam key
2015 Computer Systemexam key
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Second Year

Course Name202120202019
Algorithm IIexam keyexam key
Operating Systemexam keyexam keyexam key
Networkexam keyexam keyexam key
Computational Techniquesexam keyexam key
Software Engineering Designexam keyexam key
Models of ComputationComing soonexam key
CompilerComing soonexam key
Math II: Prob and StatsComing soonexam keyexam key
All solutions are created by Tom Zhao
2018 Networkexam key
2017 Networkexam key
2016 Networkexam key
2015 Networkexam key
2018 Operating Systemexam key
2017 Operating Systemexam key
2016 Operating Systemexam key
Other Exam Solutions

Enjoy ^_^

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